Establishing smart business pricing

Pricing can make or break the success of your business... Price too low, and you'll go broke too soon. Price too high and you'll be pushed out of the market. So getting this crucial concept JUST RIGHT is really important. Join us for this workshop where we deal with topics like

  • pricing strategies
  • pitfalls of bad pricing
  • terms like price floor and price ceiling

Plus, it includes a worksheet to put it into practice - determine YOUR best pricing strategy.

Kristine Tudhope · September 8, 2023

Financial expert Kristine Tudhope walks you through the strategies and terminology to give you an excellent framework to price your business products and services. Kristine covers the basics, her known strategies and some of the pitfalls you need to be aware of to get it right!

Take advantage of the handy downloadable worksheets as Kristine works through them with you as well as some useful hints on how to take advantage of the Hubspot pricing calculator which will help give you the groundwork to make good, smart decisions with your pricing plan.

Blue Ninja have partnered with Kristine Tudhope to give you a course that will provide the groundwork to build your pricing strategy with confidence.

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  • 14 Lessons